One Wybelenna Opens

One Wybelenna is the result of Heather Sartain's passion to create a nurturing space for the community to enjoy.  One Wybelenna is luxurious, spacious and beautifully designed.   

The original home on the site, in Brookfield, Brisbane, prior to the construction of One Wybelenna, was designed and built in the 1960’s and became an iconic home in the area.

After acquiring the property in 2008, Heather developed a design brief that sought to totally redefine the property. Whilst respecting some key elements of the original property’s design, the aim was to totally redesign and re-develop the 2 acre property into a spacious and tranquil home with a contemporary feel. 

By the end of 2009, Heather had brought together a talented team for the property’s redevelopment, including Shaun Lockyer Architects, builder Bruce Mole from Thallon Mole Group, and the landscaping team from Boss Gardenscapes. The design incorporated stunning contemporary features, making ample use of bluestone and timber in the designs, abundant and varied garden zones, and the deliberate use of external areas to allow enjoyment of the sub-tropical climate. Shaun Lockyer introduced the concepts of the ‘70’s Californian modernist architects into a dramatically elegant architectural design.  The results were spectacularly successful.

In 2012, One Wybelenna won Commendation Awards at the AIA Regional and State Awards, as well as a High Commendation in the national “Houses” Awards.

And for the beautiful landscaping outcomes, Boss Gardenscapes won the prestigious “Residential 4” category and “Irrigation” category at the 2013 Landscape Queensland Construction Excellence Awards. The completed project stood as a testament to the dedicated work of many professionals who have helped in its creation.

In 2014, Heather resolved to transform the entire property. Her vision was to bring together her experiences and knowledge of health and wellness gained over the years to create a unique and beautiful holistic day spa retreat.

The five bedrooms were redesigned into spacious treatment rooms and with the assistance of Penny del Castillo of In Design International, the home was transformed into a luxurious day spa layout. The pool, spa and landscaped surrounds were also incorporated into the concept.  We were the appointed Spa Consultants and had the task of setting up the spa management systems and processes in preparation for opening.

On April 2015, One Wybelenna opened as a home-based business. In September, the full day spa launched. Heather was ready to begin sharing her vision with her guests.

Visit One Wybelenna to see the extensive spa menu and I highly recommend a soak in the magna spa before your treatment.