Spa Sessions consulting services range from site analysis and feasibility studies through to pre-opening support and daily operations. Prior to the opening of any of our client spa’s, we provide a spa needs analysis study, brand and conceptual planning and complete spa design consulting services. As a full-service spa consultant and operator, we also provide creative spa menu development, staff selection and training, treatment and retail product recommendations, systems development and quality Standard Operating Procedures. Once your spa is ready to open, the Spa Sessions team provide day-to-day spa management or operational consulting services.


As a full-service spa consultancy, we undergo a comprehensive feasibility and needs analysis study in order to guide you to develop the most appropriate and compelling concept for your spa facility. This includes input regarding the most appropriate size, facility inclusions and anticipated financial returns.

Studies include:
• Market and demographic evaluation
• Competitive analysis
• Space planning and minimum facilities recommendations
• Complete financial analysis with assumptions for your business model


The most memorable spa experiences are centred around what is unique and particular to your location. Given the rate of growth of the Industry , having a brand to complement your property will assist in making your spa more attractive and compelling. Spa Sessions has developed many respected spa brands in Australia, Asia, and Fiji in the hospitality space for both hotel and resort projects as well as hospitality development companies.

Not only does Spa Sessions create innovative spa concepts and introduce you to new and upcoming brands for your spa, we can also recommend consumer recognized spa brands which have cache and which can bring you positive press/media.

Concepts include:
• Extensive market research along with a study of regional influences, local customs and cultural elements/sensitivities
• Analysis of your property, your customer demographic and your competitive strengths
• Unifying your business values with the development of a vision/concept and journey that is comprised of unique design features, service protocols and standards, as well as “signature” treatments and other design elements which will set you apart from your competitors


We maximize the opportunity to create memorable spa experiences while driving top line and bottom line results. The Spa Sessions team collaborates with you and your appointed architects and designers to creative aesthetics of spa design and, equally important, on functional considerations that impact the guest experience and therefore profitability. 

Spa consulting services include:
• Conceptual, vision and strategic planning
• Space program development
• Equipment specifications
• Furniture & fittings recommendations
• Locker room design
• Reception and retail layout
• Treatment room design
• Data processing requirements
• Input in all areas pertaining to design issues