Secret Shopping & Quality Assurance AUDITS

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We all know that as hospitlaity professionals we are in the business of making people feel good.  Our guests expect skilled services that help to improve their wellbeing.  But what they crave most is emotionally engaging and satisfying experiences. 

Do you really know how good your customers feel?  Do you know how you can make them feel better?  Or do you just think you know? 

Catch Praise Secret Shopping Systems take the guess work out of measuring guest satisfaction, helping you to fine tune your services and the way you deliver them so that your customers turn into your best sales people, rather than turning to your competitors.  A professional secret shopping program will show you exactly what your business looks like – and how it could look even better - from the guest perspective.  It allows you to accurately measure team performance and better understand how your procedures impact the guest experience. 

Armed with this information, you can confidently introduce profitable changes to your business and coach your team to peak performance.